• Automatic intelligent ophthalmic equipment series

  • More than 80 patents and software copyrights

  • Passed CE13485 quality management system certification

  • Users more than 40 overseas countries or regions


  • - Biometer
  • - Fundus camera
  • - Tonometer
  • - OCT


Ophthalmic optical biometer

AL-VIEW is an optical biometer that can measure and calculate the visual axis and IOL with high precision. It can measure corneal diopter, astigmatism axis, axial length, central corneal thickness, and anterior chamber depth , white-to-white distance, pupil diameter and other sets of biological data with one click., binocular measurement can be completed within 20 seconds, providing patients with a fast, accurate and comfortable measurement experience.
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Kestrel 3100m

Fully-automatic non-mydriatic fundus camera

Kestrel 3100m fully automatic non-mydriatic fundus camera, with a minimum support of 2.8mm pupil imaging, has the characteristics of simple operation, fast shooting, and clear images.
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Fully-automatic non-contact tonometer

ST-1000 automatic non-contact tonometer has the advantages of simple operation, rapid measurement, non-contact, no need for surface anesthesia, automatic printing of test results, etc. It can assist in the diagnosis of cataract, glaucoma and other diseases.
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RetiView 500

Optical coherence tomography

OCT RetiView 500 can perform tomographic imaging on the macular area, optic disc, choroid and other tissues of the fundus, providing important diagnostic basis and treatment for eye diseases, especially fundus diseases, glaucoma screening, diagnosis, follow-up and efficacy evaluation, a high-resolution, non-contact, non-invasive imaging technique for easy and fast examination.
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